Dodgers Acquire Maddux


The Los Angeles Dodgers have reportedly gotten Greg Maddux in a trade with San Diego on Monday, and it is not immediately known who the Padres will get in return. It is the second time the Dodgers have traded for Maddux midseason, as they swapped him from the Chicago Cubs in 2006. The 42-year-old pitcher is 6-9 with a 3.99 ERA this season, and the Dodgers are currently tied with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the NL West lead.

Maddux clearly still has some left in the tank and should help out a rotation that just lost Brad Penny likely for the year. Note: in 2006, Maddux went 9-11 with a 4.69 ERA with the Cubs but 6-3 with a 3.30 ERA with the Dodgers.

The U.S. (5-0) basketball team took care of Germany (1-4) 106-57 on Monday, limiting Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman to a combined 20 points in a game that was over soon after it began. The U.S. now have a quarterfinals date with Australia Wednesday at 7:15a PT, where they are 3 games from the gold but are now in single-elimination play.

It should be an interesting game, as the two faced off in exhibition play two weeks ago and the U.S. had a tough 11-point victory without Australia’s best player, Andrew Bogut.

Oscar De La Hoya is looking elsewhere for his December 6 bout that would mark the end of his career after talks with Manny Pacquiao have broken down. De La Hoya had given in to Manny’s wants on two of the three issues (147-pound weight limit and 8 ounce gloves) but wouldn’t budge from the 70-30 revenue split. Manny demanded 40 percent so now De La Hoya (39-5, 30 KO) is looking at “The Contender” first season winner and current WBC junior middleweight champion Sergio Mora (21-0-1, 5 KO). The two sides are closing in on a deal, but the fight is contingent on Mora defeating Vernon Forrest in their September 13 rematch.

Tough break for both Oscar’s and Manny’s camps, as the issue was whether Manny deserves more than 30 percent, which is what Floyd Mayweather got in his fight with De La Hoya. Should Manny just box and still rake in about $15-20 million, having never earned more than $5 million in a previous bout? He already had Oscar give into the more important issues.

MLB – Six weeks remaining: 

Standings (if the playoffs were to end today) as of Monday:
AL East
(2) Tampa Bay (76-48)
AL Central
(4) Chicago White Sox (71-53)
AL West
(1) Los Angeles Angels (76-47)
AL Wild Card
(3) Boston Red Sox (72-53)
Closest team to playoffs:
Minnesota Twins (70-54)

NL East
(3) NY Mets (68-57)
NL Central
(1) Chicago Cubs (76-48)
NL West
(4) Arizona Diamondbacks (64-60)
NL Wild Card
(2) Milwaukee Brewers (72-54)
Closest team to playoffs:
Los Angeles Dodgers (64-60)

Analysis: The Rays aren’t competing for division lead right now, they’re suddenly contending for best team in baseball. More and more, the Yankees (and their $207 million payroll) aren’t going to make the playoffs this year, currently 5.5 games back from the Red Sox. At least, their $40 million waste of a pitcher Carl Pavano might make it to the mound on Saturday, but no, that’s no consolation. In the NL, the East and West both look they’ll be going down to the wire again, with a different race in the West this year.

Stat projections:
The Chicago White Sox’s Carlos Quentin leads the majors with 34 home runs and is projected to hit 45 for the year, the lowest home run leader since Matt Williams of the San Francisco Giants hit 43 in 1994.
The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Brandon Webb leads the league with 18 wins and is projected to win 24 games this year, tying Randy Johnson in 2002 and John Smoltz in 1996 for most wins in a season since Bob Welch of the Oakland Athletics won 27 in 1990.
The Los Angeles Angels’ Francisco Rodriguez, who is projected to finish with a ridiculous 62 saves, is 10 saves away from tying Bobby Thigpen‘s 1990 record of 57 saves in a season. K-Rod currently has more saves than Seattle (46) and Washington (44) have wins.


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