LPGA to Require Players to Learn English


Last Wednesday, the LPGA decided to suspend players if they couldn’t pass an oral English test beginning at the end of 2009. Their reasoning is that they want to help the players’ “professional development” and to be able to reach out to the media and sponsors. The new rule, inconspicuously targeted at the growing number of Koreans dominating each event, is being viewed as fair by the Koreans, who feel that most of the 45 players on the Tour would be able to pass a simple test if given one today. If they do fail, the LPGA claims they would get tutors to work with the players on their English. I’m sorry, are we back in school here? Does that just sound ridiculous to everyone else?

But really, can this ruling be any more discriminatory? There are a handful of baseball and basketball players that only speak their native language (e.g. Spanish, Japanese) and need translators and that has not hurt the nature of the game one bit. The same goes for golf and the fact that the U.S. is trying to cut the level of competition by hoping to knock off some of the Koreans is downright shameful and a disgrace to the entire country. Point, Koreans.

Kimbo Slice is set to fight Ken Shamrock on October 4. Can Shamrock, who is 44 and on a five-fight skid, still have enough left to make the 34-year-old Slice (3-0) tap out? Or did Slice choose another over-the-hill opponent like he did in Tank Abbott?

The U.S. “Redeem Team” won the gold after eight long years, fending off Spain in a 118-107 final. Talks of who would win a Redeem Team match up against the 1992 Dream Team? Forget about it. The Dream Team owns this year’s squad in every category and beat 3rd place Lithuania by 51 points and 2nd place Croatia by 32. The way softball was decided to quit play for the next eight years after the U.S.’s domination four years ago, I’m surprised the IOC allowed basketball to resume play after 1992.

1992 2008
W-L 8-0 8-0
PPG 117.3 106.3
Opp PPG 73.5 78.4
Margin of win +43.8 +27.9
FG pct 57.8 55.0
Opp FG pct 36.5 40.3
APG 29.9 18.8

The Dodgers may be 11-13 after acquiring Manny Ramirez, in the midst of a 4-game losing streak and currently 3 games behind Arizona for the NL West lead, but don’t blame Manny for any of those slumps. The star left fielder sure is pulling his own weight, hitting six home runs and driving in 21 RBI with a whopping .361 average. Jeff Kent, who has the luxury of hitting before Ramirez in the 3-spot, doesn’t believe Manny is the reason why he’s batting .398 in August, the only month where he’s batting over .300. I say get over yourself, Kent. You’re 40, and you were batting a measly .255 before this month.

MLB – Five weeks remaining:

Standings (if the playoffs were to end today) as of Monday:
AL East
(1) Tampa Bay (79-50)
AL Central
(4) Chicago White Sox (75-56)
AL West
(2) Los Angeles Angels (79-51)
AL Wild Card
(3) Boston Red Sox (75-55)
Closest team to playoffs:
Minnesota Twins (74-57)

NL East
(3) New York Mets (73-59)
NL Central
(1) Chicago Cubs (81-50)
NL West
(4) Arizona Diamondbacks (68-63)
NL Wild Card
(2) Milwaukee Brewers (76-55)
Closest team to playoffs:
Philadelphia Phillies (72-59)

Analysis: The Yankees host Boston for the last time at Yankee Stadium for a 3-game series and five games back on the Sox. Crucial series for New York in their quest to make the playoffs. Keep an eye on Colorado. Winners of nine of their last 11, the Rockies are just 7 games back from the division lead, and you all remember what happened last year in September.

Stat projections:
The Chicago White Sox’s Carlos Quentin leads the majors with 36 home runs and is projected to hit 45 for the year, the lowest home run leader since Matt Williams of the San Francisco Giants hit 43 in 1994.
The Los Angeles Angels’ Francisco Rodriguez, who is projected to finish with a ridiculous 62 saves, is 7 saves away from tying Bobby Thigpen’s 1990 record of 57 saves in a season. K-Rod currently has more saves than San Diego (49), Seattle (49) and Washington (46) have wins and reached 50 quicker than anyone, his 129 games far quicker than Eric Gagne (143 games) and Thigpen (145).

2 responses to “LPGA to Require Players to Learn English

  1. Man, that’s bullshit. How many American athletes would be willing to learn another language for a sport? I’m betting less than 1%. We’ll probably find out when China becomes the world’s top power and Mandarin is the main international language.

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