Lay Off Hochuli

By Chris Le

It was one of the dumbest calls I’ve seen in a while. Not to mention costly on the part of the San Diego Chargers, who effectively lost the game. It was even dumber than DeSean Jackson’s brain fart one yard away from pay dirt.

But Ed “Hercules” Hochuli’s missed call on a Jay Cutler fumble doesn’t deserve the wrath it has been given. The rule itself most definitely is worthy of reproach—but not Hochuli. It’s time to let him off the hook for making a human error that has happened a hundred times before.

Hochuli, voted by NFL coaches as the best referee in the league in 2008, was man enough to admit the blown call and immediately apologized to Chargers Coach Norv Turner. I’m sure no one wanted to overturn the call more than Ed himself. So let’s give the guy a break.

The fact that this “demerit” might cost Hochuli a chance to ref in the postseaon is an overreaction, particularly with one as decorated as Ed.  He’s not a good referee; he’s a great one. So these idiots who are showering hate emails on him need to get a life.

On second thought, Hochuli might want to get a life too since he’s answering each and every one of those emails.


One response to “Lay Off Hochuli

  1. First of all, DeSean Jackson’s throwaway was probably the dumbest thing we’ll see all year while I believe Hochuli compounded his mistake by placing the ball on the 10-yard line.

    An incomplete ruling should have placed the ball on the 2-yard line so as to make one error, not two. I wonder what would have happened had the Broncos not scored that touchdown.

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