Another Sir Charles Gem

You gotta love Charles Barkley.  If not for the hilarious aesthetics of his game — he averaged 22 and 12 as a 6’6″ (closer to 6’4″) fat guy — or for his awesome monikers, you have to admire his candor.  It’s almost a child-like innocence in that he lacks a filter between his brain and his mouth, except not because he knows damn well whatever he says will embarrass someone (usually himself).

The post game analysis of the Magic ousting LeBron and his Cavs was no different.  Add this comment to the laundry list of classic one-liners. This is Emmy-winning commentary.


One response to “Another Sir Charles Gem

  1. Hahah. He might as well not have coughed. And what the hell is he wearing? Is that a sandwich?

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