Favre Sets July 30 Deadline

By Bryan Jeon

What’s with all the Brett Favre hate? I can’t find a single person who’d want him on his team, let alone Vikings fans.  I mean, what’s the reasoning? That Favre will  only give you one year, when the Vikings should be building on Tarvaris Jackson, who has improved each year? That Favre is a has-been who doesn’t know when to quit? His completion percentage, touchdowns and QB rating last year are all up there with his career averages. I would be confident handing the ball to Favre every game. And quite frankly, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, Coach Childress and Adrian Peterson are all cool with Favre’s arrival, if that were to happen. So why aren’t you?

The 39-year-old future Hall-of-Famer has been practicing three times a week with the local high school football team,

Why dont you want me?

In yo' face, haters!

but his biggest concern is whether his arm can last him through the entire season. With the surgery successful and his velocity back to NFL-speed, I’d wager Favre plays through for one final year.

[From the AP] [The other day] he tossed a deep pass to a college receiver who dropped by to work out. The pass split the receiver’s hands and hit him in the face.

“He’s a senior from Southeastern Louisiana, so I put a little more on it,” Favre said with a smile.

Yes, the Vikings won their division last year, but to get to the next level (and the reason why they lost to Philly in last year’s opening round), they need a better passing game. Zero TD passes and giving the other team one on an interception return ain’t going to win you a playoff game. And hey, if he goes on the bench for whatever reason, at least you’ve got a leader and a mentor for Jackson, who could learn a thing or two from the great one.


One response to “Favre Sets July 30 Deadline

  1. no one questions favre’s ability, especially compared to tavaris jackson, or the fact that he’d improve the vikings. but people are just fed up with favre’s teasing and his prima donna ploys. put up or shut up.

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