Texas Baseball Coach Sentenced For DUI

By Bryan Jeon

On January 23, 2009 Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido was arrested for DUI. On July 16, he was sentenced to four days in jail for the conviction. As far as his coaching punishments were concerned, he was handed a four-game paid suspension of the Longhorns’ 67-game season, which amounts to virtually nothing.

As sincere as Garrido’s apology was, he made a huge mistake and didn’t even get a slap on the hand, as evidenced by the paid suspension. Unless someone can bring up an example that’ll make me reconsider, I think college coaches should be on the same level as their student-athletes with legal issues, which means Garrido should be given the hook the way every player was thrown off a team for even being charged with DUI. It’s hypocritical, and the fact that Garrido is an accomplished coach is just another example that if you’re good, you can get away with things others can’t.

Now, those of you that’ll try to run with this, listen. The magnitude of this mistake is exponentially worse given that he is a coach. Yes, I would still hold the same standards for Pete Carroll or Mike K. He is supposed to be an example and a role model to these youngsters, who are still in school, and no, like a lot of things, these same principles I wouldn’t apply to any other job. So if anyone gets a DUI, no, I don’t think you should be automatically fired from your job. It’s too bad Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds values college championships more than morals.

Garrido has a Division I-record 1,629 wins and five championships, his last with Texas in 2005. The Longhorns fell to LSU in last month’s College World Series championship.


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