Manu: Master of Strategery

Gino draws up the game-winning play.  He may have a future as a coach.

But then again, it was the Clippers.

3 responses to “Manu: Master of Strategery

  1. What happened to Popp? Is it a preseason tradition like how Joe Torre lets his players manage games in the final series? Love the enthusiasm.

  2. Pop was there, I think. He just let Gino draw up the last play. And I love the enthusiasm, too; it’s perhaps Manu’s best quality.

    Though it’s not uncommon for a player to help his coach. Mark Sanchez was offensive coordinator for the first (?) half of the Jets’ finale pre-season game against the Eagles. And Bill Russell, pimp of all pimps, was the rare player-coach for his final three seasons in the NBA.

  3. They showed Randy Moss drawing up a play on the clipboard for the final series of the past MNF game. Too bad I can’t find the video; it was kind of amusing.

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