Olympics Update (for Saturday)


After avenging their semifinal loss in the 2006 FIBA World Championship to Greece (2-2), the U.S. (4-0) took care of Spain (3-1) as well, steamrolling past them 119-82 on Saturday. The win in the match up of undefeated squads clinched the first seed for the U.S. in Pool B, who will finish opening-round play against Germany (1-3) on Monday before advancing to the quarterfinals.

Anyone who didn’t know if Kobe Bryant or LeBron James was the leader of the team, here’s what James had to say after the game. “I’m the leader of the team, and I’ll make sure there’s no slippage.”

The dream race in the 100-meter Olympics never formulated, rather it was a one-man show by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt. American Tyson Gay finished fifth in the semifinal to be eliminated from the final, and Asafa Powell finished in a disappointing fifth in the final. The 21-year-old Bolt captured his first gold medal in stunning fashion Saturday, breaking his own world record of 9.72 seconds with a 9.69 finish, despite looking around and posing for cameras before crossing the finish line.

Now that’s impressive. As for those who might see it as mockery to his fellow competitors, the 6’5″ sprinter responded, “I wasn’t bragging. When I saw I wasn’t covered, I was just happy.” Heck, he can do cartwheels across the finish line if no one can catch him. Bolt is the heavy favorite to win the 200 meters next week, and Michael Johnson said that he is prepared to see his 12-year-old world record of 19.32 seconds be broken. And just think, Bolt hasn’t reached his prime yet.

Roger Federer won his first medal in three Olympics, gold in doubles play of all things. He and Swiss partner Stanislas Wawrinka defeated Simon Aspelin and Thomas Johansson of Sweden 6-3, 6-4, 6-7 (4), 6-3 in the final Saturday. Federer truly is the paradigm of sportsmanship. His Wimbledon loss was nothing short of respectful (unlike James Blake‘s recent loss) and his uncanny doubles win resembled that of a child winning something great. But I definitely tip my hat to Federer, one of the greatest tennis players ever.

Remember the Greco-Roman wrestler who dumped his bronze medal in the middle of the mat during the medal ceremony? He’s not getting it back. The IOC ruled on Saturday that Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian would be the fourth athlete kicked out of the Games and have his medal be the third removed, but the first not associated with doping.

Brett Favre makes his debut tonight as a New York Jet in preseason action against the Washington Redskins at 4p PT. I just now really took the time to think about how Favre’s Jets are in the same division as New England, and the AFC South and AFC North are stacked so they have 0% chance of making the playoffs. I can’t see what he’s playing for at his age other than for the love of the game because it’s going to be a long, playoff-less season for the future Hall-of-Famer.

With the AP preseason poll released Saturday, Georgia held top rank as well as in the coaches’ poll. Ohio State switched spots with USC with Oklahoma and Florida rounding out the top five. Check out the rest of the poll on ESPN. Season kicks off on August 28.


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  3. Just to comment on the Phelps article, you guys might wanna read:


    I woulda responded to the Phelps one itself, but this one is newer and it seemed kinda old to post on that one.

  4. How about this article, which is much harsher from a more legitmate source towards Phelps not being the top Olympian?


    Here’s another that references the previous article, which puts down the sport of swimming in that it’s easy to win multiple gold medals.



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